They call you the King Midas of Speech, because with these fronts on your teeth, the only game you’ll be spittin’ is gold…

We’ve got the best hip hop grillz in the business with top and bottom golds, silver fangs, gold tooth grill caps, diamond plated grillz, gold plated teeth, mirrors, and more!  Maybe today is ice day but tonight you want to shed everything that happened and stunt a gold slug. We got you. We’ve even got some bling in blue!

Fun Fact: George Foreman ain’t got nothin’ on these grillz.

Kingdom Tip #5: Always look fitted by matching your fronts with complimentary pendants. Out of the heart the mouth speaks!

When hip-hop artists, rappers, and other celebrities buy and wear grillz, you’re certain they don’t select the same old designs. Not everyone knows that these individuals usually get their grillz and other hip hop jewelry custom made by some of the best jewelers and craftsmen in the jewelry industry. Also known as the mouth bling, Grillz is one of those jewelry items that will keep you in love with your favorite hip-hop celebrities and their music. It’s important to understand that the custom grill designs made for hip-hop industry executives are very expensive due to the amount of time and labor involved in the design process.

At The Bling Kings, we provide you with custom hip hop grillz without having to wait for weeks and paying the high costs. You can now have grillz that are direct replicas of the actual designs made for your favorite hip-hop stars. Remember hip hop fashion involves being loud and outrageous. After wearing the chains, rings, watches, and pendants, you can’t miss out on Gold teeth grills to complement and complete your hip hop outfit.

We both know that ladies love hanging around and staring at a guy with some sparkling grillz. Get yourself custom made grillz and have the attention of everyone around you whenever you speak or smile. Our new custom hip hop grillz are designed and made using high-quality handset stones which have the shine and sparkle of real diamonds. Real hip hop fans are wearing Grillz. You shouldn’t be left out-We’re always designing and creating the latest and hottest styles of hip-hop Grillz for your ultimate hip hop outfit. We are here to continue pimping your mouth up.

 Custom Hip Hop Grillz

In simple terms, teeth grillz are removable custom fitted pieces of jewelry that one wears over his or her teeth. Each of our hip hop grillz comes with a universal silicone fitting to allow for a custom fit on anyone’s teeth. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen are here to create Grillz that suit your needs. No matter how detailed or complex your idea seems, we provide you with the quality plating color of your choice. Note that Grillz are commonly designed and made out of platinum tone, silver tone, and gold tone.

Complete your stylish hip-hop outfit with our hip hop Grillz. You can choose a one-size-fits-all gangsta grillz from our collection and put it on right away. Furthermore, they fit easily in minutes. You don’t have to wait for the molding process which takes weeks. Let everyone think you paid a fortune for your grillz. You won’t have to worry about your teeth or gums getting hurt since our grillz offer a comfortable fit.

At The Bling Kings, we provide our customers with everything they need for their hip hop jewelry collection. In addition to you hip hop rings, earrings, and watches bring uniqueness to your style with our hip hop grillz. You don’t have to wait anymore. We are your reliable source for mouth grillz. Check out our newest hip hop grillz today.