About Us

The Bling Kings are dedicated to decking you out in the best bling available for the lowest prices. We feel that anyone should be able to sport the best in jewelry in grills, and feel like a high roller no matter their status. If you’ve got the cash to burn and want to flaunt it, we have ultra premium options available to you. But if you just want to look your best when you’re out and about, we have the right stuff for you too. Our high quality products are unique and crafted by the best jewelers in the business, all to afford that sense of wealth and accomplishment that the hip hop greats felt when they first started sporting their bling.

We source our designs from some of the greatest minds in the business, so that you always have the freshest looking grills and chains available to you. And to work on these hot new styles, we hire the top jewelers available to flesh out the designs and add their signature touch so that anyone seeing you with your bling will be left for days wondering where you scored such fashionable jewelry. We outfit our jewelers and designers with the most recent advanced technology available so that nothing is holding them back; we do this so that when you buy from us, nothing is holding you back from looking your best in front of your friends, your peers, and even your enemies. It doesn’t matter who is looking at your bling; when you shop with The Bling Kings, they’ll be jealous of every carat.

If you’re wanting to be baller but you have to worry about it breaking the bank, then we’re here for you. Our mission is to let everyone look like a baller without getting ripped off by overpriced dealers. When you come to us for bling, you’re getting a fair price every time. Not to say that The Bling Kings brand is cheap, either. Our grills are crafted in tons of styles, but that doesn’t stop them from being the highest quality. You can select from silver, platinum, or gold, and select the quality you want from those options as well. While some may think that lower quality metals make for lower class grills, we know that you can’t throw all your money into one look. We let prospective ballers try out the style and wear it around, and if you don’t want to drop your savings account on one set of grills, that’s fine by us.

The Bling Kings deals in both variety and quality. Anything you find here to add onto your chains will throw some flair onto them, without looking like you picked up your latest piece at the dollar store. Real gemstones embedded into the high quality metals along with intricate designs that still show off the gangsta lifestyle equals tons of street cred for you, at low cost. And that’s what we want to do as a business: let you look like a baller without throwing down your bank account.